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AQUA PLUMBING has the know-how and state-of-the-art equipment needed to clear the most stubborn drain stoppages - even the intrusion of roots in the sewer system.

"POWER SNAKE" - Aqua has the proper size "snake" to clear whatever sized drain is clogged.  Normally inserted through the vent stock on the roof, it clears lines all the way to the main city sewer lines.  This electrically-operated "snake" clears all obstructions.

"BioOne" NATURAL BACTERIA - This safe, powdered compound when added regularly to your drains, will add billions of grease-eating bacteria to your sewer lines and/or septic system.  These friendly bacteria never stop working to keep your sewer lines free of scum, slime, grease and their accompanying obstructions.  Non-toxic.  Environmentally safe.  Add by hand or use automatic injection system.



Grease Obstructed Drainpipe

After 1 Week

After 3 Weeks

After 8 Weeks

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you suspect you have a major blockage in your underground plumbing lines, AQUA can arrange to insert a miniature camera through your pipes to see exactly what the blockage is and where it is.  Saves costly excavation of sewer lines.


Drain Problems

Problem Temporary Solution Probable Cause Permanent Solution
Toilet flushes slowly None. Call Aqua Foreign object lodged in drain Dislodge with "hand snake" or plunger
Sink, tub or shower drain slowly None. Call Aqua Build-up of grease, hair, or soap scum in drain line
  • Use force-cup type plunger to open lines
  • Clear with "hand snake"
  • Regular use of BioOne should prevent future build-up
Toilet backs-up in tub or sink when flushed None. Call Aqua Blockage in main sewer lines Use "Power Snake"
Toilet overflows Stop using toilet
  • Blockage in sewer line
  • Septic tank problem
Use "Power Snake"
Washing machine drain overflows Stop using washing machine Drain Blockage Use "Power Snake"

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