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AQUA PLUMBING is the area's leader in selling and installing water-saving flush toilets in dozens of different styles, designs, and colors.

Call AQUA PLUMBING'S office to talk about the style and color you want and start conserving water (and money) now!

Toilet Problems

Problem Temporary Solution Probable Cause Permanent Solution
Toilet overflows Turn off water supply valve at the toilet.  Do not flush again.  Move rugs and other objects off floor.  Soak-up over-flow water to avoid water damage. Obstruction in toilet or sewer line.  Septic tank problem. Toilet and/or sewer need to be rodded-out.  Septic tank may need to be pumped-out.
Toilet only flushes partially and without much force Pour a bucket of water into toilet bowl to stimulate flushing and clear the bowl Parts in tank may be worn.  Mineral or foreign matter buildup in or around flushing rim. Replace defective parts.  Adjust flushing mechanism.  If needed, replaced toilet fixture.
Toilet continues to run; won't shut-off Open tank lid to see if flapper is properly seated over drain.   Turn-off water supply valve if necessary. Ball cock, flapper or other parts worn out Replace defective parts.  Better yet, call Aqua Plumbing for a complete toilet tune-up.
Toilet comes on by itself or when another valve is turned off Check ball cock inside tank to be sure it isn't hung-up or binding Defective ball cock or water hammer Replace defective ball cock.  Install air chamber on water supply.
Water Hammer (banging sound when faucet or other valves are turned off) When possible, slowly close faucets or valves Air chambers are clogged or worn Replace air chambers

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