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Usually homes that experience a leak in their underground plumbing system, need to have their water pipes replaced with modern, leak-resistant pipe materials.  There are a number of options to choose from.

FLOWGUARD.    Billions of feet of this new CPVC pipe have been installed throughout the Canada.  Won't corrode under the worst conditions.  Scale-resistant. Virtually eliminates pipe condensation in walls.  Less "water hammer" too.   Meets highest standards for drinking water safety.
PEX TUBING SYSTEM.    It's the future of plumbing.  Non-toxic flexible tubing replaces rigid lines of old.  Has superior strength and resistance to chemicals and high water temperatures.  The most versatile piping on the market.
COPPER PLUMBING.   This old reliable standby is still desirable in many repiping situations.   Lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant.  Simple and reliable to install.   Available in hard and soft tempers in a wide range of diameters and wall thickness.

Leak Problems

Problem Temporary Solution Probable Cause Permanent Solution
Damp spot on floor or on walls Mop floor. Leak in water lines Use leak detection equipment to pinpoint leak. Replace leaking pipe.
Can hear water running through pipes but all water is shut off and no water is visible. None. Call Aqua Leak under house slab Same as above
Water shows up on floor after bathing or showering None. Call Aqua Cracks in tile or grout Re-grout tile. Remove cracked tiles
Drain may be broken under shower pan Replace drain
Shower pan may be defective Replace shower pan


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