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AQUA PLUMBING recommend the Sun Coast's largest, most modern selection.


  • Automatically injects BIO-CHARGE enzymes to break down food and other household wastes in sewer lines and septic tanks

  • Billions of micro-organisms keep sewer lines clean and reduce scum and sludge in septic tank

  • High-speed grinding means only small amounts of water are needed to flush food wastes into septic system


Garbage Disposal / Dishwasher Problems

Problem Temporary Solution Probable Cause Permanent Solution
Disposal won't run Check reset button on bottom of disposal.  Check circuit breaker. Disposal jammed or worn out Replace unit
Disposal makes loud racket when turned on Discontinue use
  • Foreign object has fallen into disposal
  • Blades are loose or worn out
  • Bearing worn
Remove foreign object or replace disposal
Disposal has bad odor Fill disposal with ice cubes and let run until ice is gone.  Flush with cold water. Accumulation of rotting wastes in mechanism Let Aqua Pluming service disposal with their exclusive "Disposal Sani-Service"  We'll degrease, disinfect, deodorize and clean the grinding blades for a very nominal fee.
Disposal leaks under sink Discontinue use of sink Gasket seals worn out.  Disposal base is rusted through. Replace seals.  Replace unit if needed.
Sink drain or garbage disposal backs up when dishwasher is running Discontinue use of dishwasher Garbage disposal full of garbage.  Or partial blockage in sink waste drain. Run garbage disposal until clear.  Have sink waste drain rodded out.

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